Birth Story

I suppose since I am Mommy I could do the writing of the "birth" day. I found out 2 months after I had my first pregnancy/miscarriage that I was pregnant. I was only 19 when I gave birth to my first child, the love of my life. I remember it was about noon May 31st 2008. I starting getting my contractions but being the person I am I just ignored it & went on with my day with my husband. It was Saturday & our family was going to be visiting soon so we went grocery shopping at the commissary & sat around the house & such normal things as those :)

During the contractions

I remember around 5pm I decided well lets go to the hospital. When we got there they did all the normal checking on a lady who things she's in labor. The nurse said well you're just in early labor. About 3 cm. You can stay here or I'd suggest you'd be just more comfortable at home to go through early labor. I decided we might as well go home & get ready for this baby instead of be here for what could be forever. They gave me an appointment for the next day at 10am in case I don't pop him yet. We went home & I just lived with the contractions. It was a long night! My cat Chanel followed me around as I banged on wall & complained about the pain haha. I tried watching Knocked Up on my laptop but I couldn't sit still in bed. My husband tried his best to sleep which didn't work all so well but better than myself. Around 4am my mucus plug came out. I decided it was time to head to the hospital. The song playing in the car as we drove - Push It by Salt N' Pepa. We arrived around 5am(not to sure the time). They pulled me in & hooked me up & put the IVs in when I wasn't contracting. I was not having fun with the contractions one bit. I was at 5-6 cm. I was pulled up to labor & delivery. Thats where I got medicine to help me sleep/relax during the contractions. It really worked. I don't remember much of my pre-labor till the doctor came in around 8-8:30am & they checked me & said I was 10 cm & couldn't get an epidural. I did the labor without an epidural. I remember as I started pushing asking the nurses what its suppose to feel like. I got the response that it would feel like a "ring of fire" which I totally agree it did. I had to get an episiotomy and riped all the way. I also had to have my water broke & my son suctioned out. I don't remember the pain till his head came through. After I just fell back happy to be over the birth. It took forever for me to get to see my son but I do remember my husband after our son had just came out. Its like a photo etched in my brain, a live photo. Oh him teared up. He was overjoyed by it. Even though the doctor made him look at my vagina as our son came out haha. He cut the cord & 30 minutes after he was born we met our son..

He was born June 1st 2008 at 9:59am central time

As for second birth it went by a bit faster. Around 11pm on Monday night I was in my bathroom getting ready for bed. All evening I had been getting what I thought was braxton hick contractions. I texted my husband that my stomach was acting up, he was on the ship thanks to duty day. The last one before he went on POM leave. After the text I actually was walking to my bed when out of no where I was forced by what I again thought was a braxton hick contractions to bend down slightly & clench my fist against my stomach. I then texted my mother-in-law that my stomach was acting up & that I really didn't think this baby was gonna wait till the end of the week to come out. I preceded to have these contractions. I called my Mom to let her know I think I was in labor. She reminded me I had yet to pick a name for this little boy. Around midnight my husband called. At this time I was kind of keeping track of my contractions & they were around 5 minutes apart. But I didn't want to freak out & find at the hospital I was just being psycho haha. After around 30 minutes my husband said to call my friend & we're going to the hospital. Finally my husband gets home. My contractions are a bit stronger & I'm now starting to leak. Okay I'm not gonna lie I thought I was peeing my pants! A few minutes go by & I'm like okay Todd lets go to the hospital I can't hold it anymore. I was then in so much pain & kept just leaking fluids down my leg. When we get their I had to fill paperwork out & Bobby had to stay with my friend while they hooked me up with ivs & cords & I did my paperwork. They did my blood pressure & realize I'm crazy HIGH. So they rush me over to labor & delivery where my first baby & my friend are finally let in the room with us. After some time my husband lets them know I wanted an epidural. Which was true I did for his sake. I got my epidural & after that I relaxed & enjoyed pain-free contractions. After some time for I don't know how long haha I started to push. I had some trouble pushing him out. I would push & when I would stop he'd come back in. Again I had an episiotomy UGH UGH UGH. They tried hiding it but you can't hide scissors! At 6:17 am our little angel Bradley René was born into the world. Oh it was cute after I pushed him out Bob begins to yell, "See now, See now!" He was so excited & wanted to see his brother right away. Well he did & he didn't wanna let him go!

He was born April 19th 2011 at 6:17am eastern time