Friday, July 19, 2013


Hello. Its late for myself, yet I am here at 10pm typing a blog entry. Talk about dedication! This past week while I was surfing FaceBook I came across something. It was a page one of my few FaceBook friends liked, Julep. With that came a code for your first box to make it free. I decided, "Hey, why not try this out?!" The code made the box free, but I did still have to pay for shipping. Now you ask, what is Julep?

Julep, like BirchBox, is a monthly subscription box. Along with the site you can buy other stuff such as nail related ideas & makeup. You fill in a style quiz to decide what type of box would be good for you. In filling this, at the end it revealed that I was a classic with a twist. Which is, I suppose true. I care for classic colors but sometimes I like to make a twist. While Birchbox is sort of custom, Julep is more pre-picked colors/products. Which is fine with me, as I do love surprises, I do love knowing what I'm to get before hand. The box was purchased Sunday afternoon. I was told it would take about 3-5 days to ship & it was shipping from Washington state(I didn't know people called it Washington state vs Washington DC till moving to the east haha). I received the email & by the time I was able to check the status it was here, Wednesday afternoon. The very same day my new unbroken phone was available to be picked up. It was an amazing day!

The box is black, and it isn't tiny but for sure isn't big. Upon receiving the box in my mailbox, I sqwelled like a baby pig, a site for sure for my neighbors. Although I already knew what was inside the box I for sure was still very much excited!
Inside the box it was oh so cute! As my Birchbox, it featured two cute little cards. One thanked me for signing up, while the other talked about the box. There was this silly black shredded paper which in the end my two boys just adored enough to decorate my house with it. The two polishes came in the paper bag tied with black ribbon(they aren't mini bottles & there was my foot cream tube. It also featured a nice little one time trial of a hand scrub. If you were to ask me my 100% honest opinion about this subscription box? I would say that while the colors I got are pretty. Never would I have thought to buy those colors. The lotion was sort of generic. Personally if it wasn't for the code, I'd not purchase it on my own. The box is $20 a month. I feel it would manage better at a more affordable price. Maybe $12 dollars a month? Yeah thats right! $12 sounds about right for this box. So you can feel better, the colors I received was a brick red & a nice soft lavender :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday's at the "M' house

Every Sunday at my house I dedicate to a day of relaxation. Our normal weeks are always packed, along with our weekends. Weeks are filled with doctor appointments & work. During the school year, its school & sports. Summertime, we have playdates and babysitting my friends little ones. Daddy is at work, its mostly an activity filled week to keep the boys occupied. Each weekend we visit with friends being as Daddy has been work Daddy. When Sunday comes I force my husband to take a step back. To just breathe. Sleep in & I'll make him breakfast, clean the house up, do some laundry & care for the boys. We all relax in the living room and watch movies. Here are some pictures from this past weekend


 We did fireworks on Friday ^^

A little Busch Gardens on Saturday & more fireworks ^^

On Sunday we also had two waiters. They brought us water & destroyed their room ^^

Noticeable Absent

I've been noticeable absent in the world of blogging. Life as a mom just purchased me back lately, haha. Even though as we speak through words, I'm being attacked into being a cuddle monster :)

Here I am, on this beautiful sunny day in my world of Virginia. The last holiday was the 4th of July, a huge celebration of Independence of America. It will be the last for this family. At least it is the last celebration, in America, for the next 3 years. With our move to Italy just getting closer & closer I'm trying to embrace my love for everything I take for granted. What do you take for granted wherever you live? I am going to miss those oh so deadly trips to Target...that bright red & white place is so American.

This final fourth of July in America for the only the next three years, was quite my favorite. We wasted much of the day waiting on people who we believed we had plans with. After hours of waiting we were invited to another of friends.

It was so perfect out. The temperature was a perfect 85 with the perfect amount of wind, just enough to cool you off. Personally, I did NOT burn, AMEN. The little ones got to play all evening in the water. They love the ocean/water to death.

We later went off to eat bbq, drink beer, have a firepit & watch some of the locals light fireworks off.

The kids were completely worn out by the 4ths events. They slept in the next day till almost noon, haha. They were exhausted.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Guest Blogger: Ms Kaitlyn

Woot woot... guest spot on the bestie in the eastie’s blog.

My name is Kaitlyn.
So apparently I should talk about the day in the life of a single mom.

Well, I’m singlish. I have a live in boyfriend and a fairly decent baby daddy.  So I don’t really have it all that hard. My sanity says otherwise, as it’s been tested lately… a lot.

A day in my life… I start my day off (This is a work day, right?) at 6:09, yes, :09. I wake up to let my friend in to drop off her daughter who the boyfriend and I deliver to daycare. She’s a legit single mom, much more admirable than me. I’d die if I had 2 to take care of alone, or they would die. I do love my ID Discovery channel.

Upon exiting the bed and opening my bedroom door, I’m greeted by about 25 hungry cats. Really, it’s like 4, my kittens are still on the tit…. Or it would be 10. (It’s coming) Fucking cat lady. Someone should probably sign me up for an episode of Animal Hoarders. I need an intervention. Do they make cat foodstamps?

So before I can do anything else, like, get ready for work or have coffee… I am forced to feed the heard of pussies surrounding me. These spoiled little fuckers not only get dry cat food, they get canned food twice a day. (Thank you boyfriend) I think I spend more money on feeding my cats than I do myself. Legit. I also have to feed the fish, Goldie. It’s a blue/purple beta. My weird kid named it. Goldie is almost as bad as the cats, the second I turn on the kitchen light, he’s at the bowl all frantic like a crack head having a rock dangled in front of his eyes. I think fish food stinks, I wouldn’t be that excited.

So I feed my cats and the fish, get the kid in and put her back to bed and finally, I’m allowed to shower. While I’m in the shower, meows of my cat children serenade me as my clothes are pulled under the door. (Cat lady) When I exit the bathroom, it is usually to an audience of cats, all waiting to enter the bathroom and knock every bottle of shampoo/conditioner/body wash that I have (Which is a lot-hair product hoarder) onto the floor. And if you’re one of my younger cats, cough cough Indy, you probably want to piss in my sink. Yes, piss in my sink. WTF? I should toilet train that one.

This is getting mad long and I haven’t even made it to work. I quit. I suck. Oh well…

The day in a life of a single mom is never easy. If it was, I think I’d wonder if someone slipped me some happy pills or I’d just given up on life. I feel like I am starring in the movie, Groundhog Day, but if the movie were about my life, we’d call it something with cats in the title.  I can picture my DVD cover with one of those cat clocks… ugh.

Who wants to be my Facebook/Instagram friend? Cat pics yo.

I wake up and get ready for work. I ruin any chance of having a decent day by putting myself into a bad mood due to being frustrated by everything that happens to make me late for work. I go to work. Depending on the day, I do shit like this or I play on Facebook. However, on occasion, I am busy.

I leave work, go home, which is usually deterred by going to the grocery store. I believe the entire staff of Food Lion knows me personally. I actually ran into one of them at a concert recently and we hugged. Sad. I go grocery shopping a few times a week. I like to forget things. The best purchase I’ve made recently was cat food and wine. I felt like I should have worn a sign stating, “I’m not a cat lady if I’m not single”.

I’m still a cat lady.  Does this make my boyfriend a cat man, or my kid a cat kid? Ha.

I go home, psychotically clean, feed the cats… again, cook if I feel up to it, do laundry, take care of the spawn and go to bed.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

TFGA- Thank God For Adderall… and wine… and hookah.

Seriously, yo.

So, while I’m sure this has been the most boring thing you’ve read. It is a day in the life of a single mom, where I don’t think I talked about my kid as much as I did my cats.

In that respect, my kid is 7. She’s my ginger spawn. I birthed her, hence her being my child. She’s a mini version of me, and she’s in cat lady training herself.  She is a smart ass and I love her for that.

I remember a day when I used to blog about drunken pissing on helpless men. Like a boss. A boss that pisses on people. I’ve graduated to cats and kids. Wow.

I feel like this accomplished nothing, but don’t forget your thank you gift for reading, a free kitten.

Seriously, come get a cat. I have 10. That’s plenty. I could negotiate parting with the spawn, for a decent price.