Sunday, July 7, 2013

Noticeable Absent

I've been noticeable absent in the world of blogging. Life as a mom just purchased me back lately, haha. Even though as we speak through words, I'm being attacked into being a cuddle monster :)

Here I am, on this beautiful sunny day in my world of Virginia. The last holiday was the 4th of July, a huge celebration of Independence of America. It will be the last for this family. At least it is the last celebration, in America, for the next 3 years. With our move to Italy just getting closer & closer I'm trying to embrace my love for everything I take for granted. What do you take for granted wherever you live? I am going to miss those oh so deadly trips to Target...that bright red & white place is so American.

This final fourth of July in America for the only the next three years, was quite my favorite. We wasted much of the day waiting on people who we believed we had plans with. After hours of waiting we were invited to another of friends.

It was so perfect out. The temperature was a perfect 85 with the perfect amount of wind, just enough to cool you off. Personally, I did NOT burn, AMEN. The little ones got to play all evening in the water. They love the ocean/water to death.

We later went off to eat bbq, drink beer, have a firepit & watch some of the locals light fireworks off.

The kids were completely worn out by the 4ths events. They slept in the next day till almost noon, haha. They were exhausted.

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