Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday's at the "M' house

Every Sunday at my house I dedicate to a day of relaxation. Our normal weeks are always packed, along with our weekends. Weeks are filled with doctor appointments & work. During the school year, its school & sports. Summertime, we have playdates and babysitting my friends little ones. Daddy is at work, its mostly an activity filled week to keep the boys occupied. Each weekend we visit with friends being as Daddy has been work Daddy. When Sunday comes I force my husband to take a step back. To just breathe. Sleep in & I'll make him breakfast, clean the house up, do some laundry & care for the boys. We all relax in the living room and watch movies. Here are some pictures from this past weekend


 We did fireworks on Friday ^^

A little Busch Gardens on Saturday & more fireworks ^^

On Sunday we also had two waiters. They brought us water & destroyed their room ^^

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