Friday, July 19, 2013


Hello. Its late for myself, yet I am here at 10pm typing a blog entry. Talk about dedication! This past week while I was surfing FaceBook I came across something. It was a page one of my few FaceBook friends liked, Julep. With that came a code for your first box to make it free. I decided, "Hey, why not try this out?!" The code made the box free, but I did still have to pay for shipping. Now you ask, what is Julep?

Julep, like BirchBox, is a monthly subscription box. Along with the site you can buy other stuff such as nail related ideas & makeup. You fill in a style quiz to decide what type of box would be good for you. In filling this, at the end it revealed that I was a classic with a twist. Which is, I suppose true. I care for classic colors but sometimes I like to make a twist. While Birchbox is sort of custom, Julep is more pre-picked colors/products. Which is fine with me, as I do love surprises, I do love knowing what I'm to get before hand. The box was purchased Sunday afternoon. I was told it would take about 3-5 days to ship & it was shipping from Washington state(I didn't know people called it Washington state vs Washington DC till moving to the east haha). I received the email & by the time I was able to check the status it was here, Wednesday afternoon. The very same day my new unbroken phone was available to be picked up. It was an amazing day!

The box is black, and it isn't tiny but for sure isn't big. Upon receiving the box in my mailbox, I sqwelled like a baby pig, a site for sure for my neighbors. Although I already knew what was inside the box I for sure was still very much excited!
Inside the box it was oh so cute! As my Birchbox, it featured two cute little cards. One thanked me for signing up, while the other talked about the box. There was this silly black shredded paper which in the end my two boys just adored enough to decorate my house with it. The two polishes came in the paper bag tied with black ribbon(they aren't mini bottles & there was my foot cream tube. It also featured a nice little one time trial of a hand scrub. If you were to ask me my 100% honest opinion about this subscription box? I would say that while the colors I got are pretty. Never would I have thought to buy those colors. The lotion was sort of generic. Personally if it wasn't for the code, I'd not purchase it on my own. The box is $20 a month. I feel it would manage better at a more affordable price. Maybe $12 dollars a month? Yeah thats right! $12 sounds about right for this box. So you can feel better, the colors I received was a brick red & a nice soft lavender :)

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