Tuesday, January 15, 2013

At the laundry mat

That's what I sacrifice when I live in a highly inexpensive apartment. I go to a "laundry mat" aka the laundry room in my building. Apartment 11 dub dub dub. Im like 2 and a half weeks behind in my laundry world. But tonight im doing my sheets and bedding for all the bed. You ask me why didn't you? See im psychic...my toddler thought he wanted to play makeup painter in my bedroom once more haha. Not fun now that I just opened this makeup so its brand new! You live and you learn. So here I am waiting on my laundry.  Im sitting on the fucking floor so you know. Watching trutv like a classy broad, I feel as though I need a natty light in my hand.
So its almost that time in every military career where the hubs picks a new home, or hopefully WEST COAST! I just pray we get west coast. The husband and myself are from a small town out west and while I like it here in the east, I am home sick! It has been 5 years since we moved far away. Its about time my family sees my kids weekly! Please navy, please...

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