Monday, February 18, 2013

Okay I am...BACK!

Sorry world of internet people. I just suddenly disappeared and never said a word of why I left or if I intended to return. See what had happen was I was on my android and it was just to much trouble to post everything. I am back with internet...and I am a full APPLE user finally. I have joined the train years to late. I upgraded my phone to an iPhone, and I finally upgraded my laptop(who died 3 years ago but is over 5 years old). I received a Macbook pro for Valentines Day!!!! I'm still in the process of learning how everything works and so on. I'm currently in the process also of starting school. Along with how do I want to make this blog. What do I want to post about. With Mommy blogs who reads them? Usually Madre's. What angle do I want to post from? What do I want to post about? We'll see how everything goes. I will make sure to keep on track for once... HAHAHA

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