Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I still remember that day. The day was April 2nd, no long was it April Fools Day. We as a family, or more like him, as the SAILOR, were waiting on his orders. Orders being where our new home would be. The husband originally had five choices. We are a team talked it over & then decided among 3 California, one Great Lakes & another. The wild card is what I called it. In my brain I personally knew that my husband had to make his choices for his career. As much as I so badly wanted to move home, home being California, I know his career is important. Our life revolves around the Navy. Though I'm not military, my husband supports us financially, with the Navy being his lifestyle.

I felt the Navy would never send us, as a family, to a far away country. Being use to this lifestyle for 5 years I personally knew that the military never makes sense. They would never agree to sending us to California, so I thought, "I'd be fine with Great Lakes."

As usual, the Navy placed our family in some far away land. Italy. My first reaction was the two letter word, NO. I was being selfish & I was ready to go back to California, back West. My initial reaction was me being selfish. Five years have been spent her in Virginia. Which in my brain is enough time to make me miss my family. At this point, 2 months after learning of Italy, it has settled. I'm no longer crying or angry or sad. Just scared. Which is fine, anyone can be scared/nervous. Its a new country. I've only been to Mexico & that doesn't count being as it was the border of California. Yesterday the hubs received non verbal physicaly written on paper orders. We have begun the 10 month journey of preparing for another country.

I'm filled with tons of emotions & thoughts. Its crazy to think that this time next year I will be an Italian/American citizen. I've been thinking of all the stuff I'm going to miss from here in America. But while I'm fearful of missing this, I'm also excited for the journey we'll have ahead of us. The weather is gorgeous, the buildings are old, the cars are tiny. The kitchens are bare. They don't have closets they have wardrobes. Have you seen their homes? The huge misconception I've got from many is that they drive on the "wrong side of the road." Which they don't people.

Here are a few views of some random flat in Napoli!

They have such sweet little balconies in most flats all over Italy. Lets get one of those metal cafe table & chairs. Enjoy espresso's in the morning or gelato in the evening hours!
 Watch the busy people passing in the street & listen to the Italian language be spoke so freely.
But what about my large anything?! Some flats come like this in the kitchen...Uhm

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