Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crafting is My FAV

I have been thinking for weeks, months since I found this book shelf in my husbands old apartments shed. Its just a plain, old, Wal-mart, black bookshelf.

After I stopped at Jason's Deli to have lunch with my best friend I made a quick detour to TARJAY!

Okay so the trip was for a cat collar & a cat stratching post...haha. So all in all I got more then I needed, oops. While in the dollar section(which I love!) on part two of looking, I found this wrapping paper for guess how much? One dollar. Just one dollar.

So I spent $1 and got this beautiful little thingy. I'm thinking the next is I want to get something to raise, bun feet. Just so its lifted because its kind of on the short side. But I am quite proud of my creation. I know the world isn't but I know I am and thats all that matters!

Peace Out Butter Cup :)

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