Friday, February 22, 2013

I said, "Lord Jesus, its a Jew!"

I'm starting to feel a crafting urge! Lets purge it and stop at this urge. Lets make a stop to the thrift store everyone!

Once my Big B is out of school, and after I stop at the local Wal-mart to return the air mattress and pump we didn't need, I believe I will make 2 stops. Good thing is I need to drop off a bunch of old clothes I purged from my closet. I'm always donating stuff and purchasing more things. Right now I'm feeling like I wanna craft. And I need new rocks for my Beta fish's home. I strongly dislike pebble rocks that are brightly colored. I want big, easy to clean marbles for George Beta. Okay I need to get ready and leave for my Big B's school...


peace out potato chips


I made a stop to the local thrift stores. I didn't find anything to satisfy my heart...EXCEPT one item. Nothing I can craft up on but it soothes my heart. You want to see it?!

Yes he is so tacky. In fact my husband told me I can't bring him in the house. But I did it, I bought him. He's mine. It was either getting Virgin Mary or him, Jesus. I felt I needed to get him. Other than that I was a navy wife and purchased  the husband a "peanut butter" top and then myself a sweatshirt from H&M. Okay its time for dinner   peace out yo'

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