Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5th Birthday Already

         I'm currently in a writers block. With no idea what to write, I'm here writing to no one. As being a mom of two boys, I feel like all energy I have goes out the window. Consistent battles of who's playing with what town, mixed with fighting the sleep monster. Jumping the counter to get the car keys to ransacking the fridge for the last juice box & strawberries.

       Awe my babies are watching Little Einsteins, they are actually copying one of the girls, who is doing ballet moves.  I swear to whoever runs the world that while these kids are crazy, I just love them to death! My oldest is turning 5 on Saturday. We are planning a midweek trip to Busch Gardens for him. Going to spend a whole day instead of work/school/home life. Being rebels!

       My AdHd is distracting me, & pulling me in 20 different thoughts & directions, haha. So bare with me while I play switch the subject over & over!

       Son ONE is uber excited for Busch Garden, but I think he's equally excited because I am bringing pizza for his class on Friday :) I am planning on spoiling him, as he requested, with pizza & balloons & love :)

       Currently, I am trying oh so hard to not let my writer block get the best of me. Maybe I will come back tomorrow night? Sometimes while nowhere near my laptop, I come up with the best blog post. Just sitting by myself thinking is the best way to write out what you think. No tv, no music, & no kids to interrupt my train of thoughts. Okay alright I have stretched my mind. Till tomorrow world.

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