Monday, June 3, 2013

Dress Up

I always think to myself, after I come home from dropping my son #1 at school, that I want to make it where I never leave the house unless my hair is down & makeup is on. Do I do it? Nope. Sadly I sometimes walk out the door with no makeup on & my hair in a rubber band with my pajama shorts still on. Most days I do make the point to change into some half way decent outfit.

Never did I think I was going to be a Mom that would always look perfect & nor did I think I was going to be that Mom that was always in pjs.  What kind of Mom are you?

Every morning I drag myself out of bed. I fight my 4 year old, like he's a teenager to get out of bed. I look myself in the mirror & think, "ugh I have no time to get ready!" Manage to put tinted moisturizer on & mascara. Pull jeans over my hips & bra on my tots. I figure one day, as I grow up, I will manage time better. Attempt to wake up my husband at 5:30 followed by staying up but passing out.

I think today, June 3rd, I may actually be able to dress myself & beautify. Being as its Monday & after I had a busy 4 days, I am surprised. My forehead burnt over the weekend, sad sad thing haha. Personally I have no idea what to do, except moisturizer it & pray it fades fast. Holy 4 days weekend I am ready to get back on track with a week. Make myself get back on schedule. We did laundry last night & it was a full 4 loads of hot mess. Which I did a load the other day & last week so I'm not sure who did what to explode it.

Well I must get on to my day cause its getting to be 7 & I want to get my morning chores done. Before I attempt to wake that 5 year old boo...

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