Monday, June 3, 2013


Again I am here, blogging. So today started actually really easy. Both kids woke up before 7am(Which I wanted). They dressed easily, had drinks ready so they had them. Personally dressed & beautified myself along with enjoying my coffee before the kids woke. I worked out & created a nice little sweat. Chores are all done before breakfast was finished.

Now we're about to get a lunch in our belly & a naptime is in order. Little B laid down on the couch with his blanket & on the couch pillows. I truly am beyond shocked at how easy today is flowing. After the long past 4 days, Busch Gardens Thursday, birthday celebrating at school Friday, Water Country Saturday & then grocery shopping at the commissary with BOTH boys on Sunday with millions of loads of laundry.

By far I personally deserve a glass of wine with dessert & an extra workout when the husband is at the gym. How's your Monday going? What have you done today?

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